At MyGordijn, we specialize in beautiful curtains with best deals. We provide professional guidance to suit one’s style and budget. We source fabrics from suppliers that have a wide range and are cost effective. Our curtain designs are graceful and reasonable. Simple sheers or rich curtain designs from MyGordijn are all about style. We transform the look of a space and add sparkle to its environment. Based on the theme and layout of a room, we suggest fabrics like linen, cotton, voile and high quality polyester blends etc. We combine colors, tones and textures to add glamour to designated spaces.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are lightweight transparent fabrics that act as a perfect light diffuser and add instant style to a room décor. Sheer curtains are timeless and can be used in a traditional or contemporary space. They make a room look bigger and give an airy vibe. At MyGordijn, we design curtains with a wide range of sheer fabrics. The fabrics used are embroidered, printed, net, two-tone, lace and organza. Sheer curtains look elegant and create balance in rooms that have dramatic patterns.

Solid Curtains

Solid curtains come in an array of jewel tones. They have a bold yet understated look. The fabric’s texture and feel makes these curtains a functional and stylish choice. Solid curtains are made from satin, velvet or polyester weaves. This elegant fabric offers glamour and that touch of shine to give a room a little lift of light and style

Cotton Canvas Curtains

Cotton curtains are opaque with more light control. Cotton fabrics have a variety of designs in neutral colours. We design curtains that make the windows look grand without being super splashy. We also complete this look by combining it with similar or contrast colour sheers.

Jacquard Curtains

Jacquard fabric is made with a unique weaving style.Intricate and beautiful patterns are created that make the fabric stylish, heavy and detailed. At MyGordijn, we design curtains with jacquard fabric. We work with fabric woven in vertical panels, paisleys and floral patterns. Jacquard curtains are durable and block a great deal of light. This gorgeous fabric makes a room look very grand and gives a luxurious vibe.



Priya Pacheco Vaz, is an Almere based creative professional with years of experience in fashion. She has an eye for detail, color schemes and design. At MyGordijn, various factors are considered in every project. We properly access the space and lighting of a room .Textures and colours of the curtains are thoughtfully planned based on one’s style and budget. Do give us a call to customize your perfect window treatments.

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Priya has made a project of the wishes I had to make my house much nicer and with her idea to accomplish that with her own thoughts and the help of the designer curtains which she has made perfectly fitted to my house.I would say a project well executed! Thanks Priya for your help in making this happen!"

- Armand Van Westen